The MTP has centuries-old roots because tradition brings us back to the beginning of the last century, 1900. The founders Antonio Prete with his wife Anna Prisco left the company secular weaving in Scafati to start in their own activities and produce fabrics in hemp and linen yarns whose traditionally cultivated in our country.
In 1950 there was the first mechanization with his son Carmine Prete with the start of mechanical looms that were still moving with hydropower developed the annexed river Sarno. For each subsequent decade there have been several innovations in company so much that there are actual frames that are 60 years old and over, who have traditional features sought after because they work with the same traditional system, the shuttle, or more precisely a plot uninterrupted.
Another mechanization was made 30 years ago with new technology with so-called frames tape. Until the last mechanization with frames fitted with jacquard completely computerized and the introduction of embroidery machines.
The company wanted to preserve the different types of machines for their characteristics and peculiarities of production so as to meet various applications for various tissues.