The materials
The materials are of natural origin. In particular, flax and hemp, used by more than 2000 years, have a high capacity to absorb moisture, leaving a greater relief to those who use them especially in warm places. Easy to machine wash at temperatures of 60 ° C for natural dyes and lower temperatures for colored ones.
The products are suitable for frequent washing with which you can appreciate the slow decline in their stiffness and blur their natural color with every wash.
The production is related to the use of natural fibers such as linen, cotton twisted, hemp, wool and silk.
These yarns are between them to get heads pleasant to the touch and beautiful to see.
The versatility of the jacquard machines allows us to the realization of any design in the different dimensions, starting from 40 cm up to a maximum width of fabric of 360 cm. The production can be supplied in rolls, in the piece and produce finished garments.
The products are made for the bathroom (towels, shower curtains), to the dining room (tablecloths, runners, tea towels, potholders, placemats), for the bed (sheets, bedspreads, pillows, curtains), for the person (shirts, scarf, scarves, keffiyeh), leisure (canvas bags, beach towel).

Each product can also be embroidered and you can have in various colors.
Currently, with the collaboration of valid technical studies graphics for fabrics, produced various designs with plots of natural fibers to meet a growing demand of traditional artistic fabrics, addressed to the tourism market.
Our products directly sold in Italy are of international interest.